Multifunctional Pushup Board
Multifunctional Pushup Board
Multifunctional Pushup Board

Multifunctional Pushup Board

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Who wouldn’t want a great upper body shape and form?

I mean, yes, you can do the push-up by yourself but how can you be sure that you are doing it right? Are you are really targeting the muscles that you want to develop?

Work Your UpperBody Muscles And Be Ready To Challenge

It will help you get into the correct push-up positions. The board will guide you through 14 different positions targeting your shoulders, triceps, chest, and back. It is also portable so if you don’t feel like doing it in the gym then you can fold it up and do it at home, in the park, or anywhere you want to exercise.

With the Push-up Board, you can bring the workout home! Our color-coded muscle targeting system makes it easy to use and perfect for any fitness level. The Board promotes proper form to ensure you get the most out of your workouts and maximize your upper body definition.

9 in 1 Push Up Board – gainzfromhome

Why Do You Need It?

  • Develops chest, shoulders, triceps, and back muscles
  • Works on different upper muscle groups 
  • Maximizes overall upper body strength and endurance
  • Effectively promotes proper pushup form
  • Designed for all fitness levels
  • Easy-to-use
  • Simple Assembly & Storage
  • Premium Comfort Hand Grips
  • Eliminates stress on hands and wrists

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