Frequent Questions

1. Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, all our products are available for international deliveries.

2. When will my order be delivered?

Orders are delivered 10-25 days after your purchase, within U.S. borders.

For international shipping, orders may delay further.

Express delivery is available for you at an additional expense.

3. What do I do if my order hasn’t been shipped?

Products are typically shipped 1-2 days after the payment was processed. If this time frame has exceeded, send us an email so we can give you further information.

4. My order has not arrived yet.

If you should have received your order by now, please contact us so we can check its status and give it the proper follow up.

5. I’m worried about payment.

There is no reason for concern. PayPal is one of the safest payment gateways in the world today. Your information is secured and protected against fraud.

6. My order arrived incorrectly.

We are sorry for the trouble. Notify us sending us an email so we can revise your order send you the correct item(s).

7.I want to change/cancel my order.

Modifications are only available 24 hours within purchase. After this it is not possible to make any changes. Please reach out to us via email so we can assist you further on this matter.